Mainstream Media Is “Being Swallowed” By Joe Rogan


Submitted by QTR’s Fringe Finance

Over the past week, after a blog post I made about how Joe Rogan was disrupting the mainstream media, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by former Fox Houston newswoman Ivory Hecker about what the future of the mainstream media looks like.

You may remember Ivory as the woman who was fired after interrupting a live, on-air weather report this past summer to claim that Fox was “muzzling” her, before turning over her evidence to Project Veritas.

for bringing up hydroxychloroquine during an interview and that Fox 26’s Sales Coordinator “admitted on tape that the CDC is heavily influencing stations such as theirs due to the amount of money they are pouring into ad campaigns – and how that, in turn, affects the network’s coverage of major health issues.”

Suffice to say, I had no trouble seeing why Hecker took interest in my recent campaign against the mainstream media.

My interview with Ivory was prompted by an article I wrote called “The Mainstream Media Is Losing The Fight Of Its Life…All Thanks To Joe Rogan”.

In that article, I described why I was expecting one of the largest mainstream media pivots in history in 2022, catalyzed by capitalism and common sense. I wrote about why Joe Rogan leading the pack would force changes throughout the industry and why I thought the media’s narrative on Covid would have to change in 2022.

In short, I believe the legacy media must change:

  1. Due to capitalism. They are going to have to adapt their business models or they will become money-losing, financially failing enterprises.

  2. To respond to continued outrage from both sides of the aisle being stripped of hearing both sides of the story. All Joe Rogan does is allow the other side of the story to present their case – he rarely argues how people should think. Instead, he just gives them a chance to consider all the potential facts available.

  3. If they (the mainstream media) want their candidates (Democrats) to have any chance in hell of even showing up at mid-terms this year. As I wrote in November, the recent blowout in Virginia, which quickly turned red and elected Glenn Youngkin after being in favor of Biden during the Presidential election, could wind up becoming the trend nationwide during mid-terms.

Read the full article at:

Bucho Thoughts:  For the past two years, I’ve been observing people around me are being hypnotized. I’ve been seeing it with the public, family members, and friends. The mainstream media constantly echo the government’s talking points about the pandemic to flip their point of view. And I’m tired of what the so-called authorities and the media are doing to the people. This is pure depravity. A tiny number of sociopaths run the world, and it’s time people wake up and realize there are far more of us than there are of them.

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