Book on French Neoclassic Architecture

Book on French Neoclassic Architecture that we recommend:

The Architecture of the French Enlightenment Paperback

by Allan Braham  (Author)

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Château de Chenonceau, france, neoclassic architecture, architecture, trwindowservices
Château de Chenonceau


“Allan Braham’s book The Architecture of the French Enlightenment makes no acknowledgement of the current architectural interest in Neoclassicism and, in fact, Braham wants us to see this architecture as the product of a singular society. Nonetheless, whether he intended it or not, this straightforward, well- illustrated book will make life a lot easier for architects who have been pursuing French Neoclassicism . . . . [Braham] tells us a lot about the individual buildings.” — Elizabeth G. Grossman, Progressive Architecture

“Braham weaves architecture so skillfully into history that the general reader familiar with the great buildings of France will find much to admire in its illustrated pages.” — John Barkham Reviews

“[An] important and pioneering account of French architecture of the second half of the eighteenth century.” — Francis Haskell, New York Review of Books

“[There has been a] need for a book on the architecture of the period in which . . . [Ledoux and Boulle] would be brought into clearer relation with their contemporaries. . . . This is exactly what Allan Braham has done.” — Anthony Blunt, Times Literary Supplement
About the Author
Allan Braham is Keeper and Deputy of the National Gallery, London.

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