Parking garage safety ignored for decades by hospitals

Parking garages, in general, are inherently dangerous places. So are hospitals. Put the two together, and you have a potentially deadly mix.


It is very disappointing that when things happen that affect the safety of frontline healthcare workers (such as muggings in hospital parking garages) we barely hear a peep through big media. 


Scan the area before you exit and enter your vehicle


So what’s the solution if the hospitals don’t provide adequate security?  Always be aware of your surroundings. Don’t just focus inwardly on your thoughts if you are alone, or your friends if you are together. Keep one eye out for your environment, looking out for suspicious characters, possible danger, etc.

Published by Big Bucho

Of all the tragic facts about the history of slavery, the most astonishing to an American today is that, although slavery was a worldwide institution for thousands of years, nowhere in the world was slavery a controversial issue prior to the 18th century. People of every race and color were enslaved – and enslaved others. White people were still being bought and sold as slaves in the Ottoman Empire, decades after American blacks were freed.

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