They Built a Utopian Sanctuary in a Minneapolis Hotel. Then They Got Evicted. 

The Saturday after George Floyd was killed, Abu Bakr Bryant, a 29-year-old from Minneapolis, found himself walking dazedly among the charred remains of Chicago Avenue, the street where Floyd took his last breaths. Shops and restaurants smoldered. Windows had been boarded up. A melted stoplight hung midair like a piece of abstract art. He had on his person the entirety of his worldly possessions: a change of clothes, his cellphone, and his wallet. Bryant had been living out of his car until the previous evening, when he went to protest. The protests turned into firestorms, and when he got back to his car, he found that it was on fire, too…

Noble utopian visions, self-governance, and tribalism once again played out in Minnesota. This story didn’t get much play last year, but it is another instance of people taking advantage of something during the riots and Covid-19. What started well eventually turned into “Lord of the Flies.” The owner gave them an inch, and they wanted a mile.

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San Diego public school teachers required to attend ‘white privilege’ training

Teaching “white fragility” will do zero to help students improve their scholastic abilities — it only serves activist educators who want to shift the guilt to “systemic racism.” Parents should be pissed off;  public schools are designed to help the public good, not far-left activists’ private ideological illusions. We need to educate students on essential reading, writing, and mathematics—not white fragility, intersectionality, and antiracism.  God help our country.

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Louisville mayor signs executive order declaring racism a public health crisis 

Mayor Greg Fischer is issuing an executive order declaring racism as a public health crisis to acknowledge and address the societal, physical and mental health impacts on Black residents.

Is this for real? What the ever-loving hell is going on in this country.  Health crises?!  COVID is a health crisis not racism.  A crisis can be controlled at some point but racism can’t because it’s in the hearts, lives, thoughts and actions of people. Racism is not something laws or executive orders can change, only time and learning to respect everyone can make lasting impact. Racism may be a lot of things, but how is it a health crisis?  Record amount of homicides, that is a crisis.  And yes, I am against racism.


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