President Trump’s Social Media COVID-19 posts removed for misinformation

"Facebook, Twitter remove Trump coronavirus posts of Fox interview about kids being ‘almost immune’,"


Based upon actual CDC data, Facebook and Twitter are guilty of election interference.  Funny how Facebook takes down a post the don’t agree with but the Ayatollah of Iran can post death to America and that’s OK. If the socials can restrict the POTUS on their platforms they can restrict everyone.  Walk softly everyone because when we begin to accept censoring our freedom of speech, or any of our freedoms, it really isn’t a good sign. Don’t let Facebook and Twitter think for you. Do your own research.

SoCal Beach Brawl breaks out over Coffee and Masks

A bloody brawl broke out in Manhattan Beach after a couple confronted two men for not wearing masks, causing an argument that turned violent when the woman threw coffee into the face of one of the men.


Fighting about wearing masks in public Is the new California Pastime

How are her actions helping her? Stay 6 feet away and go on about your business. Leave others be. He did not come and rip her mask off her face. It didn’t even come off during the struggle.