Kraft Mac & Cheese Erases ‘Send Noods’ Campaign From Its Social Media Following Criticism

Facing backlash, the brand said via Instagram Stories that it would remove related content from its channels.


What did they think would happen?  Between them and Netflix parents are fed up.  Go sell your trash somewhere else you dumb bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uncle Ben’s rice brand is getting a new name: Ben’s Original

Mars Inc becomes the latest company to drop a logo criticized as a racial stereotype.


Uncle Ben’s Rice will change their name to Ben’s Original™, as well as eliminate the image on their packaging to build more inclusive branding. Their shift signals an aim to create a more inclusive world.


Ben was actually a successful rice farmer who was known for the quality of his rice during 1940’s era.Thank God the serious issues are getting handled by big companies. No one I know ever saw a thriving black farmer as anything like a "slave," so you’re wiping out a much loved successful black man. Stop making this about the PC/Woke movement shoved down our throats every other day.