The Obsolete Man and Totalitarianism

The 3 books below are among some of the best critiques against totalitarianism and censorship.  

3 classics of dystopian literature:

1) George Orwell’s “1984”

2) Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”

3) Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”

Everyone has heard of those books. Interestingly, I stumbled upon an episode of The Twilight Zone called “The Obsolete Man.”    I am intrigued by how relevant it is today.

As a vision of totalitarianism, “The Obsolete Man” encapsulates a common fear felt throughout America during the cold war era: the destruction of the rights of man at the hands of the state. By far, my favorite episode of The Twilight Zone I’ve yet seen was an episode written by Rod Serling and which originally aired on June 2, 1961.  This episode, titled “The Obsolete Man,” is set in a dystopian future at a point when the state has total control over the lives of man, and can and does declare those men and women who do not … Continue reading →

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Don Surber: John Madden killed the NFL

A once patriotic league now scorns the nation, its flag, and its national anthem. We’ve gone from Whitney Houston singing the Star-Spangled Banner to players disrespecting it.

But the real damage to the league may be from John Madden.
Oh, not the man himself. Madden is an American football legend up as a coach, as a broadcaster, and as 
a promoter of Turducken. For decades, America enjoyed his enthusiasm for the game, for food, and for
fast-acting Tinactin.
But it was that last enthusiasm for that athlete’s foot remedy that did the NFL in.

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Canceling Homer – Victor Davis Hanson

Amid the current hysteria of toppling statues and renaming things, we keep mindlessly expanding the cancel culture.

We are now seeing efforts to ban classics of Western and American literature. These hallowed texts are suddenly being declared racist or sexist by preening moralists.

Or, as one Massachusetts high-school teacher recently boasted on social media, “Very proud to say we got the Odyssey removed from the curriculum this year!”


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