Dan Bilzerian pranks the world into thinking he is arrested…


“It was a fun ride while it lasted, I might be going away for a while” was what multi-millionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian posted on instagram just 5 hours ago.

The video shows him getting into a police car, with cops aiming guns at him and demanding his friend to put the phone away and stop filming. Dan is famous for his love of women, guns and liquor and isn’t shy in telling the world about it.

But just 30 minutes ago, he posted this video to instagram with the caption, “Come on you boys didn’t think I’d let those bastards arrest me did you… #CantKeepAGoodManDown”

Wow, Dan. Just wow. The video has already received 50k likes from the time of posting this and the publicity stunt will surely get the playboy even more attention for being a total…

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Slenderman attacks again?!

Urban legend of Slender Man lives on. #creepypasta


So another story about another kid blaming a fake internet story for bad actions. #JusticeForSlenderMan! He’s been harassed enough kids! Read more below:


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