‘My Child Is a Girl’: Chicago Mom Tearfully Tells Story of Losing Custody of Teen Daughter for Denying She’s Trans –

A Chicago mother, Jeannette Cooper, has lost custody of her daughter Sophia for refusing to affirm her child’s transgender identity.

“People who are imprisoned have more communication with their child than I do,” Cooper lamented, grieving the fact she missed her daughter’s 13th, 14th, and 15th birthdays and will soon miss her 16th.

Since 2019, Jeannette Cooper’s then-12-year-old daughter Sophia has identified as a transgender male — a decision she announced when she arrived at her father’s house, unbeknownst to her mother.

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Internal Documents Reveal CDC Worked With Big Tech To Censor COVID-19 Speech 

Newly unearthed documents reveal that top U.S. health officials worked hand-in-hand with big tech companies to moderate content related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

AFL has uncovered collusion between the CDC and Big Tech to censor free speech regarding COVID-19.

$15,000,000 dollars worth of Facebook ad credits as a “non-monetary gift” to HHS and CDC on vaccines, social distancing, travel, and priority communication messages–potentially in violation of the Antideficiency Act’s limitation on voluntary services.

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Professor: Climate change is ‘white colonization of the atmosphere’

Of course, the term “colonization,” very popular in the realm of critical studies, makes it all sound much more dramatic.

“[M]ost rich white countries, including Australia, are doing little to properly address this inequity,” Fitz-Henry writes. “For the most part, they refuse to accept the climate debt they owe to poorer countries and communities […] this injustice – a type of ‘atmospheric colonization’ – is a form of deeply entrenched colonial racism that arguably represents the most pressing global equity issue of our time.”

Fitz-Henry says a global temperature increase of two degrees Celsius would threaten over 50 percent of Africa with “undernourishment” — despite the continent contributing very little to global warming.

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Jordan Peterson: I’d Rather Die Than Delete Truthful Tweet For Cancel Creeps

A few days ago, I penned an irritated tweet in response to one of the latest happenings on the increasingly heated culture war front in response to the decision of an actress (actor) named Ellen (Elliot) Page. I am employing this awkward and impossible multiple-naming style because it is now apparently mandatory — and probably doing it wrong, nonetheless, as “you’re doing it wrong” is the whole point of what has been made mandatory — but also to make a point.

I have essentially been banned from Twitter as a consequence. I say banned, although technically I have been suspended. But the suspension will not be lifted unless I delete the “hateful” tweet in question, and I would rather die than do that. And hopefully it will not come to that, although who the hell knows in these increasingly strange days?

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