Denver High Quality Windows

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] High Quality Windows Windows provide the ability for us to view the outdoors from the comfort of our homes. In many cases we might take them for granted, but the windows are a highly important part of our house. If our windows are low quality, they might freeze during the wintertime or fog upContinue reading “Denver High Quality Windows”

Habitat For Humanity, Andersen Windows…Serving those who served

Habitat For Humanity, Andersen Windows…Serving those who served Serving those who served By: John Golden Posted date: November 15, 2013 In: Construction, Nonprofits, Westchester | comment : 0 Gretchen Kim, a matrimonial lawyer in Yonkers, donned a hardhat on Veterans Day and joined a crew of 15 volunteers from the Westchester County Bar Association dressed not for court but for an eight-hour day of manualContinue reading “Habitat For Humanity, Andersen Windows…Serving those who served”

Home Secure?

Windows open to catch a breeze. Doors unlocked while you work in the garden. Wallets, purses, and other valuables left in plain sight. All those things make summer the peak season for home break-ins. Here are some simple, inexpensive ways to keep burglars at bay during the summer and year-round. Choose the right locks. About two-Continue reading “Home Secure?”

Revived Victorian Home

Revived Victorian Home Text by Mitchell Owens | Photography by Pieter Estersohn | Produced by Howard Christian Shah Jahan, the 17th-century Moghul emperor, dedicated the Taj Mahal to the memory of his chief consort, Mumtaz Mahal. Louis XV funded myriad cha?teaus to delight Madame de Pompadour. As for recycling entrepreneur Adam Weitsman, when it cameContinue reading “Revived Victorian Home”