Colorado Renewable Energy Society

Colorado Renewable Energy Society

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Thank You to Our New and Renewing Business Members
We encourage you to support these CRES businesses and organizations working to bring clean, renewable, efficiency energy resources to our state.
We encourage you to support these businesses and organizations who are members of CRES, working to bring clean energy to our state.


TR Window Services has joined the Colorado Renewable Energy Society. We are proud to be a part of a tradition of sustainability for the future of Colorado!

The Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES) annually holds the Colorado Renewable Energy Conference since 1998 and the Colorado Tour of Solar Homes since 1996. Several of the organization’s other accomplishments include:

October 2008
In advance of the Denver Tour of Solar Homes, CRES hosts VIP tours for numerous candidates for the U.S. Congress and Colorado State Legislature (both incumbents and challengers; both Democrats and Republicans).

July 2008
CRES presents its highest award – the Larson-Notari Award (named after CRES co-founders Ron Larson & Paul Notari, and awarded for significant contributions to the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency) to Governor Bill Ritter for his tireless efforts to promote Colorado’s New Energy Economy.

January 2008
Began live and recorded webcasts of monthly meetings, thus providing truly state-wide outreach to CRES regional groups in Northern & Southeast Colorado, and to others who can’t easily drive to Golden for these meetings.

April 2007
Provided support to IREA Voices (, a grassroots group of concerned member-owners of Intermountain Rural Electric Association (serving Denver’s outer suburbs), in electing NREL Solar Scientist Mike Kempe to the IREA Board of Directors. IREA has long been a fierce opponent of Colorado’s New Energy Economy, and finally having a forward-thinking energy expert like Kempe on the Board is unprecedented in IREA history.

January 2007
Created a Policy Committee to monitor and provide support to Governor Bill Ritter’s aggressive agenda for Colorado’s “New Energy Economy.” The Policy Committee provided expert testimony to key decision makers, and alerted CRES members to important action items at local, state, and federal levels of government.

July 2006
Hosted SOLAR 2006, the American Solar Energy Society’s annual conference, in downtown Denver July 7th – 13th, 2006. With 1,897 registered attendees and over 100 exhibitors, it was the largest national solar energy conference in over 25 years….Read more

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