Andersen Windows Ranking in Remodeling Magazine 2013

Andersen Windows Ranking in Remodeling Magazine 2013

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The results are in: remodelers across the country rank Andersen® wood and clad-wood windows, and patio doors number one for brand quality, familiarity and use in REMODELING magazine’s 2013 Brand Use Study.

The survey sample of more than 2,200 REMODELING magazine subscribers put Andersen at the top in two product segments — Wood and Clad-Wood Windows, and Patio Doors. The 2013 study placed Andersen products number one in quality, brand familiaritybrands used in the past two years and brands used the most.

“This study tells us that the things we value in our company and our products — quality, performance and reliability — are also recognized by our customers,” said Sal Abbate, chief sales and marketing officer. “The strength of our brand and our products is reflected in the fact that remodelers say we’re ‘their preferred brand,’ and also shows the support and dedication of our dealers and loyal customers. For that we extend a sincere thank you for their commitment to the Andersen brand.”

The REMODELING top rankings for 2013 shows 95 percent of respondents are familiar with Andersen wood & clad-wood windows, 65 percent have used Andersen products in the past two years, and 32 percent choose Andersen the most among wood & clad-wood window brands.

Similar results show the top-billing sentiment toward Andersen® patio doors with 96 percent of respondents familiar with the Andersen brand, 61 percent using Andersen patio door products in the last two years, and 23 percent choosing Andersen patio doors most often.

The REMODELING Brand Use Study includes a nationwide survey of remodelers on their preferences related to a wide variety of products and brands. Results of the 2013 Brand Use Study were published in the August 2013 issue ofREMODELING magazine and on the magazine’s website.

Headquartered in Bayport, Minnesota, Andersen Corporation includes Andersen Windows, Inc., Renewal by Andersen Corporation, and Silver Line Building Products LLC. Andersen employs nearly 9,000 people in locations across North America with sales worldwide. Andersen received the 2013 ENERGY STAR® Sustained Excellence award for its ongoing commitment to sustainability. Visit us at

“ENERGY STAR” is a registered trademark of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. “Andersen” is a registered trademark of Andersen Corporation.
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