August Window Sales

Order your new windows or doors before the cold sets in! Colorado is notorious for it’s climate and weather changes are common. Although the majority of extreme weather occurs in the least populated areas of the state, thunderstorms are common east of the Continental divide. Spring and summer can baffle the best meteorologists around. Hail is a common sight in the mountains east of the divide and in the northwest part of the state. The Eastern Plains have had some of the biggest hail storms in North America, and the winters are unpredictable…beat mother nature to the punch and upgrade your home now so you are comfortable in the fall and winter. Call us at TR Window Services now for the end of summer deals on window replacement. There is no better choice than Andersen Windows to protect your home and family from the environment! 303-703-3895

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Big Bucho

Of all the tragic facts about the history of slavery, the most astonishing to an American today is that, although slavery was a worldwide institution for thousands of years, nowhere in the world was slavery a controversial issue prior to the 18th century. People of every race and color were enslaved – and enslaved others. White people were still being bought and sold as slaves in the Ottoman Empire, decades after American blacks were freed.

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