Understanding Energy Efficient Windows

Green Energy Windows

Energy efficient windows

Understanding Energy Efficient Windows

A respected builder I know told me how he learned the true value of energy-efficient windows. In the course of his business, he installed a builder’s line of windows from a well-known manufacturer in every house he built. He felt good about his choice; he purchased the windows from a manufacturer with a reputation for quality, but they cost 10% less than the same manufacturer’s standard line of low-E, argon-filled windows, saving him about $600 per house. He even put them in his own new home. The first winter he lived there, though, he noticed that the windows seemed cold. Only then did he compare the U-values with the same manufacturer’s standard windows. He did some math and concluded that his windows were costing him about $150 a year. By his estimation, the windows were not what he expected them to be. In Colorado I see too often a homeowner buying a substandard replacement window and saving money on the initial purchase. Then 5-10 years later they need to have the windows replaced again. Why not just buy a proven product at the beginning and have peace of mind. Our customers expect the best materials and that is what we provide. Our work also has to match and that is what we strive for every job. Remember, our philosophy at TR Window Services is simple: “Quality far outlasts the memory of cost!”


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